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Fire Ant Control – TopChoice – Austin Texas

Let Real Green take the ”STING” out of the nasty Austin fire ant, with Top Choice. Real Fire Ant Control for Austin, Texas.

TopChoice is a professional-strength red fire ant insecticide for use by licensed professionals only. It is not available as an over-the-counter product. When applied by us, it carries a one year guarantee, or your money back.

How Harmful Are Fire Ants?

Health Hazards. Fire ants are not just ants– they form their own troop of a social menace because of their sting. Fire ants usually come in number, quick and undetected. With this, fire ants could be all over your body, stinging all at once. Fire ants sting bring about a whole lot of burning and itching sensations, usually lasting for up to an hour. Getting fire ants sting can give the feeling that your body is on fire– not pleasant at all, and is potentially dangerous for children.

Damage on Ecosystems. Too much fire ants in your environment can bring about serious damage to your local ecosystem. It may disrupt the growth and development of your small ground fauna and can eliminate and displace insects, spiders, birds, lizards, and mammals; which are essential in the harmonious functioning of your local ecosystem. Since Fire Ants are predatory, they have the tendency to attack insects and animals that contribute to your local pollination.

Economic Effects. Nest mounds formed by fire ants can bring about some problems in laws, golf course, and sporting fields. These nest mounds formed can also bring about expensive damage to sensitive electrical wirings and equipment. As these fire ants damage these outdoor leisure hubs, the tourism and industry may be restricted, along with the export industry as some items require importation and exportation to and from fire ants-free countries only. Fire ants also brings about serious damage to the agriculture industry.

Considering all these damaging effects of fire ants, would you run the risk of falling prey to these tiny menace? Give us a call today to avail of our Guaranteed Fire Ant control service!

Fire Ant Product Study Conducted by Texas A&M

The Program

We apply TopChoice, an environmentally friendly product, used commercially in parks, playgrounds and many public places.

We apply a spot treatment on existing mounds for instant kill.

Once applied, all Fire ants in your yard will die.

Side effects? Fleas Ticks and Crickets will also parish.

Reclaim your backyard, let us protect your family today!

The unique chemistry of TopChoice, is the same active ingredient used in many flea and tick products used on house pets, sold by veterinarians under the name”FrontLine”.

The Guarantee

Real Green guarantees control of Fire Ants for 52 weeks after the treatment. If we cannot provide 93% control, we will give you your MONEY BACK!

Free analysis and price quote

TopChoice is Manufactured by Bayer. The same great people who brought you Bayer Aspirin and also make Frontline.

TopChoice is a revolutionary new concept in fire ant control. Because of that, Bayer is going to unprecedented lengths to train — and certify — lawn care and pest control professionals in its use. Fire ants are aggressive, efficient competitors, but TopChoice in the hands of a certified professional is your best, most cost-efficient and environmentally sound system of control.

Look for the Certified TopChoice Professional logo. Have a licensed lawn care professional apply TopChoice to your lawn and get 12 months without fire ants.

Real Green is one of the very few companies (In the United States) trained and certified by Bayer for their fire ant control product. This means that your TopChoice treatment is guaranteed by Real green, and Backed by Bayer. In Austin Texas, there is only one clear choice.